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Tony Blair

My Journal

6 May
''It is true that my head can sometimes think conservatively especially on economics and security; but my heart always beats progressive, and my soul is and always will be that of a rebel.''

''Consensus is great, but in modern politics, where debate unfortunately works through disagreement, it is like the philosopher's stone sought by alchemists: if it sounds too good to be true that you can turn base metal into gold, that's probably because it is.''

''Was he difficult, at times maddening? Yes. But he was also strong, capable and brilliant, and those were qualities for which I never lost respect... Our minds moved fast and at that point in sync. When others were present, we felt the pace and power diminish, until, a bit like lovers desperate to get to love-making but disturbed by old friends dropping round, we would try to bustle them out, steering them doorwards with a hearty slap on the back."

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This is an RP journal. I am not the real Blair. Thank God.